April 24th, 2006


Silent Hill and Korn...

Yesterday we watched Silent Hill at the Rialto. It was awesome. On the way out though, we saw this kid that had a Korn shirt...

Me: Look! He has a Korn shirt! LET'S GET HIM!!
Me and Terashii: *beat the kid up*

Haha. No, we didn't actually beat him up D:

The door to our room has a lock. *0* THAT MEANS MORE PORN TIME!

Last night, terashii and I recorded ourselves doing impressions of Jrockers and just being asses. That was fun ♥ MY YOSHIKI IMPRESSIONS RULE!
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(no subject)

I just created a different journal just so I could sell my embarrassing cd collection from when I was a stupid pre-teen/kid. You will never know what it is because it's so embarassing D:

That is all.
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