April 30th, 2006


Yesterday was CRAZY. Oi.

We went to Hot Topic to buy Dir en grey shirts. We didn't find the shirts right away but when I did I made a big deal out of it...

Me:*latches onto the display shirt on the wall* HOMG I FOUND IT IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I'M SO HAPPYYYYY!
Terashii: Stop that. o____o

Whoo! And we met this AWESOME dude that works there that just got into Dir en grey a few weeks ago :D He was just precious, he randomly kept coming up to us and asking about Dir en grey and even gave me some fashion tips at some point ^___^;;; Why the fuck didn't we ask for his name? D:

My sister told me to ask if they had any Dir en grey music to play, so I did and the familiar sound of Withering to Death graced my ears. *0* But, they stopped playing right around Dead Tree. ;___;

Me: *really loudly* HEY?!! WHOEVER DID THAT SUCKS!!

I got some looks from people when I did that o.o

After buying our super awesome shirts we changed into them, thinking coming home would be a breeze. We were so wrong. All the busses got re-routed because of this stupid thing San Antonio has called FIESTA. We left the place at around 5 PM and weren't home until 11:30 PM D:!! We walked ALL OVER DOWNTOWN SAN ANTONIO and my poor new Dir en grey shirt got a bit sweaty. NOOOOOO! I'm never wearing it again unless it's a special occasion, like, a Diru concert! D: Yeah, so...that sucked D:


MICHELLE WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE GOING TO BE IN THAT PARADE DEALIE?! You should've known that I'm unlike most Hispanics here in San Antonio that make a big deal about Fiesta but I would've gone JUST TO SEE YOU! D:

Holy crap, a Psycho le Cemu photoshoot! WITH DAISHI! I have waited for this for so long! They all look...not that great but yay anyways! Daishi ♥ And look! New album info! Liberry-babies? WTF?

AND KAYA! I just downloaded the another cell thing. ♥

So...Dir en grey shirts. Daishi. Kaya. Yep, it's all good.
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I have just now decided on what I want to be when I'm older, an Audio Engineer.

And here's the ones that lost D:

Forensic Scientist
Pastry Chef (Thank you Ono from Antique :D)
and something in art or comics

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